When I was growing up, lessons which really stuck with me were wrapped up in a story to ensure I retained the information- The tellers made it personal. That’s how I learned, so that’s how I write.

This blog is largely about perseverance and how to thrive when life has dealt you a losing hand. It could also be titled: How to deal with PTSD, military or civilian.

Obviously, I can’t offer any medical advice on anything. I can, however, offer some tips and coping skills I’ve acquired through personal experience.

Your life is what you make it. That doesn’t mean you won’t go through some pretty damaging stuff, it does mean you chose how you deal with it.

Not every post addresses these issues, some are geared towards life and learning in general… Growth is progressive.

My guest bloggers have freedom to express their views and opinions in posts. This is because perspective is something I value. These are people I highly respect and admire… and, in most cases, people who inspired me when I needed motivation.